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Duration and Structure of the programme

The Masters in Telecommunication Innovation and Development will be a modular programme with several teaching and practical phases interspersed with incubation periods at Safaricom Academy or another suitable incubation institution.

This course is to be delivered on a modular structure rather than the usual course unit structure. The course duration will be two academic years. The Modular structure is provided in the table below.

1st Academic Year
Course Structure Duration Mode of Study
Module One 5 weeks Full-time
Module Two 5 weeks Full-time
Module Three (Incubation) 6 weeks Full-time
2nd Academic Year
Module Four 15 weeks Part-time
Module Five 7 weeks Part-time
Module Six 3 weeks Part time
Final Project 6 weeks Part-time

Course Distribution

Schedule Units/Courses
Module One MTD 8101 Wireless Technologies
MTD 8102 Wireless Market Trends and Regulations
MTD 8103 Networking Principles
MTD 8104 Introduction to Java and J2ME Programming
MTD 8105 USSD Applications
Module Two MTD 8201 Applied Entrepreneurship

MTD 8202 Systems Design

MTD 8203 Communications Management and Leadership

MTD 8204 Advanced JavaME Programming

Module Three MTD 8301 Incubation

Module Four MTD 8401 Project Management
MTD 8402 Android Programming
MTD 8403 IT Professional Ethics
MTD 8404 Cryptography
MTD 8405 Distributed Systems and Computing
MTD 8406 IVR and Natural Language Interfaces
Module Five MTD 8501 Software Modelling
MTD 8502 Network Security
MTD 8503 Research Methodology
Electives (one is selected)
MTD 8504 Python Programming
MTD 8505 Java ME for Blackberry
MTD 8506 Introduction to Apple Platform
MTD 8507 Windows Mobile Programming
MTD 8508 Mobile GamingĀ 
Module Six MTD 8601 Mobile and Wireless Security
MTD 8602 Web Security
MTD 8603 Mobile Web
MTD 8604 User Interface Design
Dissertation MTD 8400 Research Paper (Dissertation)

The courses offered in each module consist of highly practical hands-on sessions interspersed with theoretical sessions that prepare the candidate for the award of the degree.

Course Delivery

The course will be run both on a Full Time and Part Time basis.
Full Time: Full Time students will be expected to attend classes on a full-time basis for the first 4 modules. Modules 5 and 6 will be offered on a part-time basis only.
Part Time: Part Time students will attend classes on evenings and Saturdays for all six modules.

The course begins on 2nd May 2011.
Application Deadline: 31 March 2011


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